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Dogs and Joggers Honor Dr. Skip Jackson Race Tradition

Dog Job Participants

A total of 70 runners and walkers and more than 30 dogs turned out for the Dr. Skip Jackson Dog Jog Saturday (9/22), and put a new twist on a long-standing Fall Conference tradition.  The event combined the annual Road Race, which dates back to 1972 and is held in honor of Dr. Jackson, professor emeritus of veterinary physiology and biochemistry, with the Dog Jog, an annual event launched on the occasion of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s 50th anniversary in 2009.  Dr. Jackson has participated in nearly every Fall Conference Road Race since the first event was organized 40 years ago.  This year’s participants were greeted with cooler temperatures and fog as they gathered for the 8:00 a.m. start but the clouds gave way to sun as awards were handed out at the conclusion of the race.  All proceeds were designated for Purdue Veterinary Medicine’s PetSafe Program, which meets the short-term housing needs of pets whose owners are temporarily unable to provide care due to such circumstances as natural disasters, domestic violence and health issues.  Winners are listed below – for a complete list and an album of photos from the event, see the Dr. Skip Jackson Dog Jog website.  Photos of runners traversing the course through campus are available at the website for Lausch Photography.  Use the username 2012dogjog and password 2012purdueveterinary.

Finish Line


Top Male Runners

  • 1st- Gordon Brooks (and his dog, Diesel) with a time of 18:53
  • 2nd- Mike Vuolo (and his dog, Fred)
  • 3rd- Dr. Tim Bentley
Top Female Runners
  • 1st- Kyrstin Green with a time of 26:53 (also our youngest runner at age 10!)
  • 2nd- Amanda Schoolcraft (and her dog, Gus)
  • 3rd- Whitney Johnson (and her dog, Gus)

Fastest Walker

  • Eric Jackson with a time of 28.23

Top Male Runner- Masters’ Division (40 years and over)

  • Dr. Joe Camp with a time of 21:08

Top Female Runner- Masters’ Division (40 years and over)

  • Dr. Catharine Scott-Moncrieff (and her dogs, Drake and PJ) with a time of 28:07

Fastest Human-Canine Pair

  • Garrett Kolo and his dog, Seamus with a time of 18:52

 Cutest DogBiggest Dog

  • Gus Schoolcraft (Great Dane)

Smallest Dog

  • Chantilly Fourez (Dachshund)

Cutest Dog (as voted on by Dean Reed and a panel of student judges)

  • Elle Laird


Dog Jog

To purchase photos from this event, visit http://www.lauschphotography.com/ using 2012dogjog as the username and 2012purdueveterinary as the password.