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Dogs “Let Out” for Dog Park Dedication

The musical question, “Who let the dogs out?” was the perfect accompaniment to a dedication ceremony formally recognizing the establishment of a dog park for the Greyhounds in the Purdue Veterinary Medicine Blood Donor Dog Program.  The Park was created with funds contributed in memory of PVM alumnus Scott Storandt (PU DVM 2000) who passed away unexpectedly in 2006.  Dr. Storandt was known for his love of the Blood Donor Program and the Greyhounds that participate in it.  Dr. Storandt’s widow and fellow graduate, Dr. Julie Tucker (PU DVM 2001) attended with her children and parents and several of Dr. Storandt’s classmates.  Dean Willie Reed paid tribute to Dr. Storandt during the ceremony, held on Friday of the Fall Conference (Sept. 21), in conjunction with a special Blood Donor Program Community Service Track.  As part of the ceremony, several blood donor Greyhounds, accompanied by their owners, PVM students, veterinary technicians, and Dr. Catharine Scott-Moncrieff, who oversees the Blood Donor Program, walked in a procession to the podium accompanied by the song, “Who let the Dogs Out?”  After the ceremony, attendees had a chance to watch the dogs and Dr. Tucker’s children demonstrate how to run and play in the park.  A boulder at the entrance to the park contains a plaque acknowledging the support provided for the Dr. Scott Storandt Memorial Blood Donor Dog Exercise Area by the DVM Class of 2000, with additional sponsorship from PETCO and the Brigham Family Foundation.

To see a video of the ceremony and scenes of the dog park, click here

Pictures from the event:

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