Our Research in the News

2013 -"Chinese bird flu concerns health officials, but they're not worried about it reaching Indiana" IndyStar.com

2013 -"New vaccine protects against multiple strains of H7N9 bird flu virus" ITechPost

2013 -"Bird flu expert working on vaccine that protects against multiple strains" Imperial Valley News California

"Purdue doctor on forefront of H1N1 battle" WISH TV 8 Aired Aug 25 2009


2009 - Purdue researcher starts work on 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine

2008 - New vaccine may give long-term defense against deadly bird flu and its variant forms

2006 - New bird flu strains develop from genetic mutations

2006 - National defense- Bird flu one of many infectious diseases on scientists' watch

2005 - Purdue Researchers help to develop avain flu vaccine

2005 - Harmless virus may aid in knocking out deadly bird flu