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Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic

Nowadays, companion animals live with us as close family members and are impacted by our lifestyle, daily schedule, and living environment as well as our interaction with them. The relationship we have with our pets can be enjoyable or stressful depending on their behavior.

Aggression, destroying furniture, barking, or house soiling are common problems that contribute to the breakdown of our human animal bond. Some behaviors can be very difficult to manage and even dangerous or stressful to live with. Your pet may also suffer from fear or anxiety that manifest his/her current behavior problems.

What do you do when your pet has behavior problems that seem to have no solution?

If you feel you do not understand your pet's behavior and need help, we are here to assist you with your pet's behavior problem. Through a behavior consultation at the Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic, we gather information regarding possible causes and contributing factors of the problematic behavior to make a diagnosis and intervention. Since each animal and family is different, we determine the most feasible and suitable treatment plans to fit your individual situation.

To make a behavior consultation appointment with the Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic, call 765-494-1107 and download the applicable Behavior History Form. You must complete this form and send it back by e-mail at purdueabc@purdue.edu or mail (see mailing address) or fax at 765-496-1025. If you bring more than two animals as a patient, please fill out the form for each animal.

Form must be returned the Friday preceding the week of your appointment.

Before to your appointment, the clinician will review the behavior history form for your pet. It is very important for our team to receive the history form prior to your appointment.