Human-Animal Bond
Gateway to Human-Animal Interactions (UC Davis)
How to Help a Neglected or Abused Pet (AHA)
Human-Animal Bond (Cornell)
Human-Animal Bond: The Link Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence
Human Animal Bond: Why Do Pets End Up In Shelters (AAHA)
Human-Animal Bond
Human-Animal Bond and Pet Therapy Links (Univ. of Guelph)
Human-Animal Interactions Literature (UC Davis)
Pet Prose: Bonding Between People and Pets (Dr. Jeff)
Pet-Human Bonding: Results of a Survey on Health and Well-Being by Lamb, L; Dziegielewski, SF; Leon AM (University of Central Florida)
Human-Animal Bond Initiative, School of Nursing, Michigan State University
Voluntary Association Development and the Human-Animal Bond

Prepared by Gretchen Stephens, VM Librarian, Purdue University

Last Updated: 10/4/00