Pet Loss and Grief
American Veterinary Medical Association Pet Loss Page
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
Facts about Euthanasia (Cornell)
Grief and Pet Loss by M. Muns
Grieving the Loss of Your Pet (AHA)
Loss of a Pet: Electronic and Print Resources (Purdue U.)
Pet Loss (AVMA)
Pet Loss and Bereavement Resources (Delta Society)
Pet Loss Support Page by Moira A. Allen
Euthanasis & Death of a Pet
The Experience of Pet Loss
Grief Resources (Argus Institute)
Grief & the Loss of a Pet (H. Frisby DVM)
Animal Hospice / End of Life (AAHABV)

Prepared by Gretchen Stephens, VM Librarian, Purdue University

Last Updated: 11/22/04