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Giving to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

About the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) is one of the nation’s best tertiary veterinary providers, offering many service areas for wellness and specialty care, and serving as a primary referral center for veterinarians in the State of Indiana. As the only veterinary teaching hospital in Indiana, the VTH excels in the delivery of healthcare to our animal patients and also provides exceptional training experiences to our veterinary students as they prepare to be the next generation of veterinarians and veterinary technicians.  

Hospital Case Load

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital caseload has been increasing every year. More than 70% of cases are referrals from practioners across the State of Indiana, and our Board-certified specialists and residents provide guidance with all the cases.

Giving Opportunities

New Large Animal Hospital

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The Purdue University Large Animal Veterinary Teaching Hospital is the only full service, tertiary care hospital in Indiana. Our veterinary specialists provide care for large animals including but not limited to horses, goats, llamas, alpacas, deer, donkeys, camels, cattle, pigs, and sheep, etc. Our facilities include 4 wards for the housing of patients, 2 large animal surgical suites, a breezeway-area for indoor lameness evaluations of horses, and an Intensive Care/Neonatal Unit for young horses, calves, or other animals, and a separate Isolation Facility offering housing and treatment areas. This facility is equipped with video cameras in each stall for constant monitoring 24/7.

As the Purdue VTH is the only tertiary referral hospital for large animals in Indiana, the facilities and services offered must be competitive with those in the surrounding states.  The current Large Animal Hospital was established in 1959 and has undergone minor renovations throughout the years to provide the highest quality care for patients.  A new, modern facility and state-of-the-art equipment will provide the highest quality clinical and diagnostic support to Indiana’s equine and livestock owners.

The new large animal hospital will affirm Purdue’s commitment to:

  1. excellence in educating veterinarians, clinical specialists, veterinary research scientists, future veterinary educators, and veterinary technicians,
  2. top-quality veterinary medical care, and
  3. expertise and innovation of importance to the international biomedical community.



Veterinary Teaching Hospital Equipment List

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  • Digital x-ray machine – $80,000
  • Equine ambulatory endoscope - $13,000
  • Ultrasound machine and probe for the eye - $30,000
  • Surgical microscope for small animal surgery and ophthalmology - $60,000
  • Small Animal videogastroscope - $27,500
  • Small Animal pediatric videogastroscope - $26,000
  • Small Animal Surgery mini-driver for orthopedic cases - $26,000

**The equine videoendoscope that was previously listed was obtained thanks to a donation!



Financial Assistance for Pet Owners

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This fund is designed to provide financial support for veterinary medical care for seriously ill or injured pets whose owners are unable to afford the necessary medical care required for their animals.


Blood Donor Program / Greyhound Exercise Area

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The Companion Animal Blood Donor Program at the VTH coordinates a network of rescued Greyhounds and donor dogs and cats which give life saving blood products needed by VTH patients undergoing treatment.  They make possible an animal “blood bank” that functions like a human blood bank.  Healthy dogs and cats receive compassionate care while helping ill and injured animal patients in need of blood transfusions.  The donated blood is used solely to provide life-saving support to more than 200 ill and injured dogs per year in the hospital.

Greyhounds are considered universal donors for their species and serve an invaluable role at our facility by providing life-giving support during treatment of canine patients in our care.  A new exercise area has been constructed on the VTH property and is 1/3 acre (14,756 sq. ft.).  Phase I of the project was completed in October 2009 and included six feet of fencing for two separate large pens with double-entry gates, construction of a water source and installation of a hydrant and some landscaping.  Phase II will incorporate additional enhancements, including a track for running, agility equipment, an eco-friendly waste management system, and a shade structure that will create a better environment for both the animals and humans.



Radiation Therapy Facility

Make a donation online to the Radiation Therapy Facility

The Linda and William Fleischhauer Radiation Therapy Facility is Indiana’s first radiation therapy facility to treat cancer in small animals.  The facility supports the College of Veterinary Medicine comparative oncology program.


MRI / CT Facilities

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The Veterinary Teaching Hospital recently received a donation of a new CT scanner from St. Elizabeth Regional Health.  The computed tomography imaging system was installed in early March and is available for patient use today.  The new magnetic resonance imaging machine replaces the mobile MRI unit and will accommodate both large and small animals.  The CT scanner offers digital imagery for diagnosis of internal injury and disease.  The CT machine is only one of three machines in Indiana to serve animal patients and the only CT and MRI available for large animal imaging.  The images taken from these machines can aid in surgery and can be used to map the location of tumor for surgical removal as well as radiation therapy.



PetSafe Program

Make a donation online to the PetSafe Program

This program provides short-term emergency housing for pets owned by individuals or families in crisis.  The PetSafe program is a community service offered by the Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and meets short-term housing needs of pets. 

There are times when individuals or families cannot care for their pets. Homes might be lost to natural disasters, adults may seek emergency shelter to escape domestic violence, or the pet owner may need hospice care. 

PetSafe has provided emergency shelter for approximately 15 pets/annually since 1993.  There is no charge to the pet owner for services provided and families are invited to visit their pets.  Services include, up to three weeks of boarding, vaccinations, food and water, and daily one-on-one attention by faculty, staff and veterinary students. 

Families or individuals in need of assistance from PetSafe should ask an emergency agency representative to call (765) 494-1107 to speak with an associate of PetSafe.

100% of the tax-deductible donations to PetSafe go directly to provide assistance for families/individuals and their pet(s).  




Spay/Neuter Partnership with Merial and Almost Home Humane Society

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The spay/neuter program for the Almost Home Humane Society (AHHS) is a collaboration between Merial and Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Veterinary and veterinary technician students, supervised by a veterinary surgeon, perform weekly surgeries to neuter dogs and cats.  This program provides students with surgical experience and the knowledge of working with a local animal shelter, while helping the AHHS prepare their pets for adoption.


Equine Sports Medicine Center

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This center is focused on the state-of-the-art treatment of the equine industry. As a part of Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine the ESMC has the facilities and expertise to diagnose and treat a variety of equine Health problems. Services include:

  • High Speed Treadmill for diagnosis of breathing and lameness issues
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Clinical Pathology Laboratory
  • Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Expert Treatment:

  • Laser Surgery
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Arthroscopy



Cancer Treatment

Make a donation to Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a major cause of death in older pet dogs and cats. As veterinarians, it is obvious that our work is aimed at helping our canine and feline companions. Our work is also aimed at benefiting human cancer patients. This is possible because some specific forms of naturally-occurring cancer in pet dogs closely mimic that same form of cancer in humans. The Purdue Comparative Oncology Program was formed in 1979 with the goal of improving the outlook for pet animals and humans with cancer.

One of our major areas of cancer research is in the most aggressive form of bladder cancer, high grade, invasive transitional cell carcinoma (TCC).  More effective ways to treat TCC in dogs have been identified. We are making progress against this disease.


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Grateful Client Program

Make a donation to the Grateful Client Program

The Grateful Client Program was established as a means of recognizing the high quality, compassionate care you and your pet received from colleagues at our Veterinary Teaching Hospital. With the Grateful Client Program you have the opportunity to recognize a specific person or a whole service area with a written note or a tribute gift


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