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Veterinary Student Scholarships

Scholarship funds help students pay for tuition and other fees associated with their veterinary education.  Your gift fills an important need by assisting future generations of veterinarians and veterinary technicians pursue their dreams.  

The four-year professional veterinary medical degree (DVM) program provides an excellent education but it comes at a cost.  With average debt loads over $90,000 upon graduation, the starting salaries are relatively modest.

The four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Technology gives students a broader foundation in general studies and the ability to focus on a specific area within veterinary medicine.  PUSVM is one of only two veterinary colleges that is fully integrated with a veterinary technology program.

Current Opportunities:

Dr. Van Vleet Veterinary Scholars Summer Research Program Endowment

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The summer research fellowships offer veterinary and undergraduate students the opportunity to work on independent research projects with a faculty mentor and explore non-practice careers in an effort to increase the number of veterinarians involved in biomedical and clinical research. Dr. Van Vleet has been involved in the program since its inception in the early 1970s.

Visit the current Veterinary Scholars Summer Research Program page.

Veterinary Technology Funds

Roger Lukens Scholarship Fund

Veterinary Technology Gift Fund