Career Opportunities:

Laboratory animal medicine is a specialty field for veterinarians who play an important role in ensuring the success and ethical conduct of high quality biomedical research. Primary roles for the laboratory animal veterinarian include:
  • Animal resource management
  • Providing adequate veterinary care
  • Advising other scientists
  • Assisting in regulatory compliance
  • Independent and collaborative research
  • Teaching and training
  • Resource for animal models and methods
Employment opportunities exist in many areas:
  • Academia (medical schools, universities)
  • Industry (pharmaceutical, biotech, animal supply companies)
  • Federal government (PHS, Uniformed Services)
  • Self-employmented as consultants

Rewarding Career
  • Diverse career paths administration, clinical medicine, research, teaching and training, pathology, and diagnostic medicine, surgery, and combinations of these specialities.
  • Real and substantial contributions to animal welfare.
  • Good salary with benefits and vacation
  • Opportunity to practice high quality medicine and research.
  • Work with a wide variety of species
  • Specialty board certification

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