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Architectural Rendering

Outer Appearance

  • Outer appearance of building is Indiana limestone-colored rocky stone at the base.
  • The proposed cedar shake siding woould be made of fiber cement, not wood. This material is denser than wood and is usually not a worry in regard to insect issues.


The roof wood is a combination of two materials. The architects propose utilizing a pre-finished standing metal roofing at all of the sloped areas and a fully adhered white color EP PM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) rubber roofing at the concealed flat roof areas. EPDM is used as a covering to waterproof roofs.


These will be colored to increase the building's elegance.

Overhang Structure (Main entrance to building)

This has been designed to create a more unique and elegant appearance rather than the look and feel of a hotel. The overhang is supported by pillars made of the same limestone.