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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't see a clinical trials that includes my pet?

Clinical trials are designed for a specific purpose. If there is not a trial currently underway for which your pet qualifies, check back. New studies begin frequently. If you are interested in bringing your pet to the doctors and specialists at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, you can contact the hospital directly at (765) 494-1107.

How do I know clinical trials are safe?

There are some risks with any clinical trial, just as there are with many medical procedures. However, all clinical trials have been reviewed by a Purdue Animal Care and Use Committee to ensure animal well-being. Informed owner consent is always a part of the study, which means that you are given all the information up front and must agree in writing before your pet can enter the study.

What can I expect from the veterinary clinical trial team?

Our goal is to give you a thorough understanding of our clinical trials. We will explain what to expect for both you and your pet and provide compassionate care throughout the trial. Some trials offer financial subsidies. When those subsidies are available, we will help you through the qualification process.

Why is research important?

Through research, doors are opened to improve health care. The investigation of new ideas provides answers to problems, both old and new. Through research we are able to better understand disease and develop new detection methods and treatments.