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SFT (Therio)

The Theriogenology Club is Purdue’s student chapter of the Society for Theriogenology. This club focuses on reproduction and contraception in all species that a veterinarian might see.  All veterinary tracks can benefit from belonging to this club and attending its meetings and wet labs.  

If you still need convincing though, the top 10 reasons to join the club are listed below: 

10. No other club talks about this much sex 

9. This is the only club that covers every species from reptiles to cows. 

8. Our club has the best wet labs. 

7. Our club has some of the best food. 

6. We can have very interesting conversations about donkeys now (and a new found respect). 

5. Where else in vet school are you going to see a stallion being collected? 

4. You are prepared for any emergency fetotomy you may have to perform if asked. 

3. You can spot an embryo a mile away. 

2. Two-headed semen causes excitement. 

The number one reason to join SFT

1. So you know exactly what is meant by this top ten!!!

SFT Officers

  • Co-Presidents - Cody Anspach '16 and Russell Miller '17
  • TreasurerDaniel Gascho ‘17
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Augustine Peter, VCS