VM 225 Advanced Clinical Mentorship

Credit: 1.5

Course Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

Prerequisite Courses: VM 227

Prerequisite Note:

You must have completed one of the three "tracks" in Clinical Mentorship.

You will be required to submit video tape of your task performance in order to complete this Clinical Mentorship. Therefore, you will be required to have access to a video camera in order to complete this course

** There are several forms and contracts that must be completed prior to beginning the Clinical Mentorship These are listed at the end of this course description

Instructor: Pam Phegley, RVT

Course Description:

This Clinical Mentorship will require the student to complete 120 hours of additional work experience while completing a series of selected projects intended to increase the student's awareness of the operation of the veterinary facility, provide an opportunity to enhance communication skills, and gain additional experience with maintaining patient records. In order to achieve the goals for this Clinical Mentorship, the tasks must be performed to the level of competency as outlined by the Criteria outlined in the Criteria Handbook and Log Book for each task. The student is responsible for providing documentation for each task as defined by the Materials Submitted for Evaluation and Verification section on each task. In addition to the documentation, the student will be evaluated by the Clinical Mentorship site supervisor on how well the student met the outlined Criteria for each task. Final approval of successful performance and completion of the Clinical Mentorship will be made by the Purdue University instructor in charge of the Clinical Mentorship based upon the documentation provided by the student. The Purdue University instructor in charge has the option to require additional documentation if, in their judgment, the student has not performed the task to the level set by the Criteria, or if the documentation does not clearly demonstrate this. Documentation of completed tasks is essential to validating the educational process and insuring that the performance of graduates of the Veterinary Technology Distance Learning Program meets the standards of quality required by the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine faculty and the American Veterinary Medical Association accrediting bodies.

Course Objectives:


Required Materials and Procedures: