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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities at the Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital are reserved for current Purdue University students. Purdue students that are enrolled in the Pre-Veterinary Program or Veterinary Technology Program are eligible. All volunteers must have reached their 18th birthday.

At the present time volunteers are accepted in the following areas of the VTH:

 Large Animal Hospital (LAH)

General Large Animal Hospital

Foal Watch

Large Animal Emergency Team


Small Animal Hospital (SAH)

Oncology Treatment



Volunteer Application and Guidelines

In order to be considered for acceptance in the VTH Volunteer Program, please complete the Volunteer Application located in the VTH Volunteer Guidelines or the Foal Watch & LAET Manual. Please contact the VTH Administrative Office at fanderso@purdue.edu  for the password to access the Volunteer Application, guidelines, and manual.Once your eligibility has been established, your application will be forwarded to the volunteer coordinator in the area of your interest.

 The volunteer coordinator will contact you with information on the availability of volunteer opportunities in their area and will be responsible for scheduling.

 In depth information on safety training for all volunteers and other expectations can be found in the manuals below: 

Please contact your volunteer coordinator with any questions regarding volunteer requirements or responsibilities.