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Purdue Veterinary Alumni Association

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The Purdue Veterinary Alumni Association serves veterinary alumni in many ways in an effort to maintain the connection between Purdue Veterinary Medicine and its graduates. Events such as alumni receptions at annual national veterinary conferences and special activities at the Purdue Fall Conference enable alumni to keep in touch with classmates and stay current on news of their Alma Mater.

The PVAA is guided by the Purdue Veterinary Medicine Alumni Board. The Alumni Board acts as a liason between PVM alumni and the College. The Alumni Board meets two times per year and gives guidance on alumni activities and events. They also participate in activities within their home areas to promote the College and alumni involvement. Both DVM and Veterinary Technology alumni participate on the Alumni Board. 

The Purdue Alumni Association works with the PVAA on many alumni projects and receives a portion of the PAA dues paid by veterinary alumni. Visit PAA at http://www.purduealum.org/

Dues for membership in PVAA are $30 per year. Dues can now be paid online when you register for PVM Fall Conference events. A dues mailing is done annually to all DVM and Veterinary Technology alumni. Watch for a reminder in your mailbox! If the dues mailing does not reach you and you'd like to support the Purdue Veterinary Alumni Association, write "PVAA" on the memo line of your check for $30 made payable to Purdue Alumni Association, and be mail it to:

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine
Lynn Hall, Room 1177-A
625 Harrison Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907