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What is SCAVMA?

We are the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association. We help finance special interest clubs, sponsor speakers, provide learning opportunities, host social events, and participate in public service projects.

SCAVMA is the local "chapter" of SAVMA, which is the Student Association of the AVMA. SAVMA is composed of 28 SCAVMA chapters and represents us in the AVMA House of Delegates.

To view Purdue's SCAVMA bylaws and constitution, click here.

On the National Level

Each student chapter (SCAVMA) is granted an official charter by the AVMA. This provides an avenue for students to begin learning about organized veterinary medicine. The Student AVMA (SAVMA) is the national organization of veterinary students that unites the 28 SCAVMA chapters as a single unit by representing us in the AVMA House of Delegates. They also foster the exchange of information among the chapters by organizing the annual spring SAVMA Symposium, encouraging participation at the AVMA convention, and publishing a national newsletter called Intervet. Each SCAVMA chapter has two SAVMA delegates that attend the SAVMA House of Delegates meeting twice a year to represent the school's students. The SAVMA delegates hold a two year term and have opportunities to serve on various AVMA committees.

 How SAVMA Benefits Students…

A unified student voice is important in veterinary medicine and is provided by SAVMA on national issues such as government and education.  Each year, approximately 2000 veterinary students gather for three days at the SAVMA Symposium to meet fellow student colleagues, attend various lectures and wet labs, to network with practitioners and veterinary related corporations, and to compete academically and athletically. 

Our Purdue Student Chapter has an executive board on which all Club Presidents, Class Representatives, SAVMA Delegates, and SCAVMA Officers sit.  We meet twice a month to discuss issues or events that are upcoming and important to our student body.

In addition, the executive board is also the first line of approval for requests of funds earned through our Pet Food Sales Program.  This program provides our student body with about $90,000 of funding for use by all students for various events, conferences and speakers each year, as well as providing night technicians in both the large and small animal hospitals.

I hope that once you arrive on campus you will not hesitate to contact anyone you feel may be helpful to you.  Your “Big Sib” is a great resource, along with any of the club officers or SCAVMA officers. 

Please do come to all of the orientation events and enjoy having time with your new classmates before you are all into the throes of academics. You will never work so hard, learn so much, nor have so much fun in your life!

SCAVMA Officers

SCAVMA Executive Board

  • President - Dan Thomasey ‘15
  • President Elect - Tessa Meland '16
  • Vice President - Katie Bennett '15
  • Secretary - Chelsea Scheidler '15
  • Treasurer - Kyle Shipman '15
  • Treasurer Elect - Sara Grayson '16
  • Webmaster - Cheryl Cheung '16
  • Philanthropy Chair - Elise Trowel  ‘15
  • Documents & Revisions Chair - Anita Richert '15
  • PGSG Senator - Max Parkanzky '15 and Anita Richert '15
  • Senior Rep - Tyler Peat '14
  • Junior Rep - Erin Nonos '15
  • Sophomore Rep - Jessica Brenner ’16
  • Freshman Rep - Barbara Angelino '17
  • Past President - Christina Blatcher ‘14
  • IVSA Rep - Melissa Sim '16
  • SAVMA Senior Delegate - David Zimmer '15
  • SAVMA Junior Delegate - Janelle Davidson '16 
  • Faculty Advisors - Dr. Jim WeismanVAD and Dr. Tim LescunVCS