Guidelines and Forms

Pet Food Proposal Information

This form is necessary in order to be eligible for the Pet Food Funds.

Activities Form

A completed and approved SAO activities form is required for all Pet Food Proposals. Any event or experience that does not have an affiliate organization sponsor shall be sponsored by SCAVMA. Therefore, the SCAVMA Activities Chair will grant access to the activities form on BoilerLink to the responsible party of the Pet Food Proposal. To access the Activities Form Access Request Form log in to BoilerLink. You will be notified when approval is granted.

Additional information on planning an event or completion of an activities form can be found on the Student Activities and Organizations website.


All expenses will be considered for reimbursement pending the submission of itemized receipt(s), expenses are directly incurred for the proposed event, and that the expenses are deemed reimbursable by the Business Office for Student Organizations (i.e. no alcohol or gift certificates).

Additional information regarding reimbursable expenses and University policy can be found on the Business Office for Student Organizations website.