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Veterinary Technology Programs Office

For more information and general inquiries about the program, please contact us at: vettech@purdue.edu or (765) 496-6579

Office Staff:

Christina V. Tran, DVM
Director of the Veterinary Technology Programs
E-mail: tinatran@purdue.edu

Paige Allen, MS, RVT
Distance Learning Instructional Technologist
E-mail: pjones2@purdue.edu

Beth Burnett, MS
Assistant Director of Academic Advising
E-mail:  bburnett@purdue.edu

Natalie Rausch
E-mail: narausch@purdue.edu

Cathy Noerenberg
E-mail: vettech@purdue.edu

Josh Clark, MS, RVT
Distance Learning Instructional Technologist
E-mail: clark19@purdue.edu

Maggie Lump, BS, RVT
Instructional Technologist
E-mail: mlump@purdue.edu

Pam Phegley, BS, RVT
Clinical Rotation Coordinator, Distance Learning Instructional Technologist
E-mail: phegleyp@purdue.edu

Monica Young, BS, LATG
Instructional Technologist
E-mail: millerms@purdue.edu

Julie Roahrig, RVT, RLAT
Instructional Technologist
E-mail: roahrig@purdue.edu

Jennifer Pope, BS, RVT, RLAT
Instructional Technologist
E-mail: jpope@purdue.edu