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Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine Directory:



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Comparative Pathobiology

Beck, Alan Director, Center of the Human-Animal Bond765.494.0854abeck@purdue.edu
Camp, Joseph W.Professor of Veterinary Parasitology765.496.2463jcamp@purdue.edu
Christian, John A.Associate Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology765.494.6558christij@purdue.edu
Crist, Scott Research Assistant Professor765.494.5674scrist@purdue.edu
Croney, Candace Associate Professor of Animal Behavior and Well-being765.496.6665ccroney@purdue.edu
Elzey, Ben Research Assistant Professor765.494.6329belzey@purdue.edu
Gaskill, Brianna NicoleAssistant Professor of Animal Welfare765.494.3225bgaskill@purdue.edu
Hammac, G. KenitraClinical Assistant Professor of Veterinary Diagnostic Microbiology765.494.9445khammac@purdue.edu
HogenEsch, Harm Associate Dean for Research765.494.0596hogenesch@purdue.edu
Hooser, Stephen B.Professor of Toxicology765.494.6831shooser1@purdue.edu
Jones-Hall, Yava Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology765.494.7727yljones@purdue.edu
Kazacos, Evelyn A.Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology765.494.7455ekazacos@purdue.edu
Kazacos, Kevin R.Professor of Veterinary Parasitology765.494.7556kkazacos@purdue.edu
Kim, Chang H.Section Head of Microbiology & Immunology765.494.0976chkim@purdue.edu
Kreisle, Regina A.Professor of Comparative Pathobiology765.494.5798rkreisle@purdue.edu
Lenz, Stephen D.Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology765.494.7473slenz@purdue.edu
Lin, Tsang-Long Head of Avian and Aquatic Section, ADDL765.494.7927tllin@purdue.edu
Messick, Joanne B.Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology765.496.1748jmessic@purdue.edu
Miller, Margaret (Peg) Anatomic Pathology Training Coordinator765.494.7456pegmiller@purdue.edu
Mittal, Suresh K.Professor of Comparative Pathobiology765.496.2894mittal@purdue.edu
Mohammed, Sulma Associate Professor of Cancer Biology765.494.9948mohammes@purdue.edu
Moore, George E.Professor of Clinical Epidemiology765.496.3393gemoore@purdue.edu
Pogranichniy, Roman Associate Professor of Virology765.494.7462rmp@purdue.edu
Ramos-Vara, Jose Professor of Veterinary Pathology765.494.0235ramosja@purdue.edu
Ratliff, Timothy Professor of Comparative Pathobiology765.494.9129tlratliff@purdue.edu
Rebar, Alan H.Executive Director of Discovery Park765.496.6625rebar@purdue.edu
Reed, Willie M.Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine765.494.7608wreed@purdue.edu
Seleem, Mohamed Assistant Professor of Veterinary Microbiology765.494.0763mseleem@purdue.edu
Snyder, Paul W.Professor of Veterinary Pathology765.494.9676snyderp@purdue.edu
Thompson, Craig A.Clinical Assistant Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology765.494.9916cathomps@purdue.edu
Vemulapalli, Ramesh Department Head, Department of Comparative Pathobiology765.494.7560rvemulap@purdue.edu
Vemulapalli, Tracy Clinical Assistant Professor in Comparative Pathobiology765.496.7316tvemulap@purdue.edu
Wakenell, Patricia Associate Professor of Avian Diagnostics765.496.3347pwakenel@purdue.edu
Weng, Hsin-Yi Assistant Professor of Clinical/Analytical Epidemiology765.494.0445weng9@purdue.edu
Wigle, William Clinical Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology765.494.0140wwigle@purdue.edu
Wilson, Christina Clinical Associate Professor of Toxicology765.494.7467wilsonc@purdue.edu
Zhang, GuangJun John T. and Winifred M. Hayward Assistant Professor of Genetic Research, Genetic Epidemiology and Comparative Medicine765.496.1523gjzhang@purdue.edu
Adjunct Faculty
Al-Majali, Almad Adjunct Professor of Microbiology & Infectous Diseases
Biondo, Alexander W.Adjunct Associate Professor of Comparative Pathobiology
Bloom, John C.Adjunct Professor of Clinical Pathology
Dahlem, Andrew M.Adjunct Professor of Toxicologic Pathology
DeNicola, Dennis B.Adjunct Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Gibbins, John D.Adjunct Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology
Gillett, Nancy A.Adjunct Professor of Veterinary Pathology
Hoover, Dennis M.Adjunct Associate Professor of Pathology and Toxicology
Irizarry, Armando Adjunct Associate Professor of Veterinary Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Jordan, William H.Adjunct Associate Professor of Toxicologic Pathology
Marks, Robin R.Adjunct Assistant Professor of Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence
Novilla, Meliton N.Adjunct Associate Professor of Anatomic Pathology
Reams, Rachel Y.Adjunct Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology
Rudmann, Daniel G.Adjunct Associate Professor of Veterinary and Toxicologic Pathology
Sambhara, Suryaprakash Adjunct Associate Professor of Immunology
Sandusky, George E.Adjunct Professor of Veterinary Pathology
Suckow, Mark A.Adjunct Associate Professor of Laboratory Animal Medicine
Sullivan, John M.Adjunct Associate Professor of Toxicology and Veterinary Pathology
Sundberg, John P.Adjunct Professor of Experimental Pathology
Emeritus Faculty
Carlton, William W.Professor Emeritus Leslie Morton Hutchings Distinguished Professor of Veterinary Pathology
Claflin, Robert M.Professor Emeritus
Gaafar, Sayed M.Professor Emeritus
Glickman, Larry T.Professor Emeritus
Gustafson, Donald P.Emeritus Professor
Harrington, Daniel D.Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Pathologyharringd@purdue.edu
Holland, Christine H.Professor Emeritus
Kanitz, Charles L.Professor Emeritus
Raskin, Rose Professor Emerita 765.496.6612rraskin@purdue.edu
Runnels, Lewis Professor Emeritus
Thacker, H. LeonProfessor Emeritus of Veterinary Pathology
Van Alstine, William G.Professor Emeritus765.494.7472billvan@purdue.edu