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Spring's Breeze

Spring's Breeze


Comanche's Reign Storm


You have learned so much about horses and the respiratory system. It’s time to put that good learning to the test. Spring’s Breeze and Comanche’s Reign Storm are two ADR (Ain’t Doin’ Right) patients brought to Purdue for treatment. See if you can help Dr. Couetil, a veterinarian at Purdue’s large animal hospital, to diagnose Breeze and Comanche.

Read the book, Be the Vet, Solve the Case! and complete the activities to learn about the signs and symptoms that brought Spring’s Breeze and Comanche’s Reign Storm to the vet. Use this information and what you have learned to help Dr. Couetil diagnose the problems in these two horses. If you have time, go back to the beginning of the book to help Dr. Green diagnose the dog, Snickers.

You made it! You’ve learned so much about animals and people. To sum it up, you are ready for your final task.

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