Livestock and Poultry – Comprehensive Necropsy

Section: Histology, Pathology

Fee: $220.00*

Turnaround Time: 10 business days**

Days Test Started: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Species: Bovine, Caprine, Chicken, Fish, Ovine, Porcine, Ruminant, Turkey




Minimum Amount

Whole Animal

Collection Information

WHOLE ANIMAL - Refrigerate and store the body until it is able to be delivered to the lab for necropsy. With large animals, move the body to a cool, shady area away from direct sunlight. Deliver the whole body for a necropsy to ADDL as soon as possible to minimize autolysis.

Shipping Information

OVERNIGHT - Ship overnight in an insulated shipper with ice packs (pack absorptive material to collect moisture) DO NOT SHIP OVER THE WEEKEND OR HOLIDAY - NO SATURDAY DELIVERY
LEAKS - Ensure all samples are in leakproof packages and clearly labeled with Tissue Type/Animal ID/Owner Name. Include absorptive material to collect any leaks - double bag any fresh tissues.
PAPERWORK - Package paperwork separately in a waterproof, sealable plastic bag. Ensure paperwork is complete and specimens are labeled for easy matching. If you are using CF.755 Multiple Animal Continuation Form, please include a hard copy and email a copy to
WHOLE ANIMAL - Double bag body if shipping through a courier service.

Additional Information
Please refer to the Necropsy Submitters Guide and then complete the Necropsy Submission Form with appropriate information and history.
The necropsy fee covers one (1) adult OR two (2) neonates/juveniles < 150lbs. A basic necropsy at the ADDL includes a gross and histologic examination and report. Separate charges apply for all additional tests: PCR, parasitology, bacteriology, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, toxicology, virus isolation, serology, IHC, and tests available only at other labs. For a necropsy that includes more diagnostics, please see Livestock and Poultry – Comprehensive Necropsy

The fee does not include accessioning fee ($10 additional charge). Please refer to the Fee Schedule

For more information about poultry necropsy, please see necropsy on our Avian Services page.

Additional or mail-out tests will result in additional charges.

Spinal cord removal will result in additional charges.

CERVIDS: Cervids greater than one (1) year of age will be tested for CWD at an additional charge of $27. Including the CWD charge and accessioning fee, the total for a comprehensive cervid necropsy over one year of age is $257.00.

*Necropsy cases will have an additional fee added for disposal of the remains. For more information, visit Necropsy Disposal.

Owner-submitted necropsy cases are required to prepay at the time of submission. The sum of the prepayment will be the accessioning fee, necropsy fee, and the elected remains disposition. Payment may be made in cash, credit card (VISA/MC), or check. Fees associated with any returned checks will be added to the case. Additional charges related to the case will be billed to the client upon completion.

**Special procedures may necessitate additional time.

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