Brianna Nicole Gaskill

Department of Comparative Pathobiology

Assistant Professor of Animal Welfare

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine
625 Harrison Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Phone: 765.494.3225

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2011 - Ph.D. | Purdue University
2004 - B.S. | Kansas State University

Areas of Interest

My research interests focus on welfare assessment of laboratory animals. I am utilizing natural behavior, physiology, and affective state to assess an animal's overall well-being. I am especially interested how better welfare can translate into better science. My research interests include: applied ethology, enrichment design and application, improving husbandry techniques, and how environment can affect scientific results when not tailored to the animal's needs and motivations.

Selected Publications

Gaskill, B.N., Lucas, J.R., Pajor, E.A., Garner, J.P. 2011. Working with what you've got: Changes in thermal preference and behavior in mice with or without nesting material. Journal of Thermal Biology 36, 193-199.
Gaskill, B.N., Rohr, S., Pajor, E.A., Lucas, J.R., Garner, J.P. 2009. Some like it hot: mouse temperature preferences in laboratory housing. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 116, 279-285.
Gaskill B.N., Lucas, J.R., Pajor, E.A., Garner, J.P. 2011. Little and often? Maintaining continued performance in an automated T-maze for mice. Behavioral Processes 86, 272-278.
Gaskill B.N., Lucas, J.R., Pajor, E.A., Garner, J.P. 2012. Heat or insulation: Behavioral titration of mouse preference for warmth or access to a nest. PLoS ONE 7 (3): e32799.
Gaskill, B.N., Winnicker, C., Garner, J.P., Pritchett-Corning, K.R. 2013. The naked truth: Breeding performance in nude mice with and without nesting material. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 143, 110-116.
Gaskill, B.N., Gordon, C.J., Davis, J.K., Lucas, J.R., Pajor, E.A., Garner, J.P. 2013. Impact of nesting material on mouse body temperature and physiology. Physiology & Behavior 110, 87-95.
Gaskill, B.N. and Garner, J.P. 2013. Letter-to-the-Editor on 'Not so hot: Optimal housing temperatures for mice to mimic the thermal environment of humans'. Molecular Metabolism. DOI: 10.1016/j.molmet.2013.05.003
Pritchett-Corning, K. R., Keefe, R., Garner, J. P., Gaskill, B. N. 2013. Can seeds help mice with the daily grind? Laboratory Animals UK. 47, 312-315
Gaskill, B.N., Pritchett-Corning, K.R., Gordon, C.J., Pajor, E.A., Lucas, J.R., Davis, J.K., Garner, J.P. 2013. Energy reallocation to breeding performance through improved nest building. PLoS ONE 8(9): e74153.
Gaskill, B. N., Karas, A. Z., Garner, J. P., Pritchett-Corning, K. R. 2013. Nest building as an indicator of health and welfare. Journal of Visualized Experiments 82, e51012, doi:10.3791/51012.
Rock, M. L., Rodriguez, K., Karas, A. Z., Gallo, M. S., Pritchett-Corning, K. R., Karas, R. H., Aronovitz, M., Gaskill, B. N. 2014. The Time-to-integrate-to-Nest Test as an indicator of Wellbeing in laboratory mice. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 53, 24-28.
Pioli, E.Y., Gaskill, B.N., Gilmore, G., Tricklebank, M.D., Dix, S., Bannerman, D., and Garner, J.P. 2014. Validation of an automated T-maze. Comparison of the automated procedure with the standard rewarded alternation task in mice with hippocampal lesions. doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2013.12.009

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