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Brianna Nicole Gaskill

  • Department of Comparative Pathobiology
  • Assistant Professor of Animal Welfare
  • Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • 625 Harrison Street
  • West Lafayette, IN 47907

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  • 2011 - Ph.D. | Purdue University
  • 2004 - B.S. | Kansas State University

Areas of Interest

  • My research interests focus on welfare assessment of laboratory animals. I am utilizing natural behavior, physiology, and affective state to assess an animal's overall well-being. I am especially interested how better welfare can translate into better science. My research interests include: applied ethology, enrichment design and application, improving husbandry techniques, and how environment can affect scientific results when not tailored to the animal's needs and motivations.

Selected Publications

  • Gaskill, B.N., Lucas, J.R., Pajor, E.A., Garner, J.P. 2011. Working with what you've got: Changes in thermal preference and behavior in mice with or without nesting material. Journal of Thermal Biology 36, 193-199.
  • Gaskill, B.N., Rohr, S., Pajor, E.A., Lucas, J.R., Garner, J.P. 2009. Some like it hot: mouse temperature preferences in laboratory housing. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 116, 279-285.
  • Gaskill B.N., Lucas, J.R., Pajor, E.A., Garner, J.P. 2011. Little and often? Maintaining continued performance in an automated T-maze for mice. Behavioral Processes 86, 272-278.
  • Gaskill B.N., Lucas, J.R., Pajor, E.A., Garner, J.P. 2012. Heat or insulation: Behavioral titration of mouse preference for warmth or access to a nest. PLoS ONE 7 (3): e32799.
  • Gaskill, B.N., Winnicker, C., Garner, J.P., Pritchett-Corning, K.R. 2013. The naked truth: Breeding performance in nude mice with and without nesting material. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 143, 110-116.
  • Gaskill, B.N., Gordon, C.J., Davis, J.K., Lucas, J.R., Pajor, E.A., Garner, J.P. 2013. Impact of nesting material on mouse body temperature and physiology. Physiology & Behavior 110, 87-95.
  • Gaskill, B.N. and Garner, J.P. 2013. Letter-to-the-Editor on 'Not so hot: Optimal housing temperatures for mice to mimic the thermal environment of humans'. Molecular Metabolism. DOI: 10.1016/j.molmet.2013.05.003
  • Pritchett-Corning, K. R., Keefe, R., Garner, J. P., Gaskill, B. N. 2013. Can seeds help mice with the daily grind? Laboratory Animals UK. 47, 312-315
  • Gaskill, B.N., Pritchett-Corning, K.R., Gordon, C.J., Pajor, E.A., Lucas, J.R., Davis, J.K., Garner, J.P. 2013. Energy reallocation to breeding performance through improved nest building. PLoS ONE 8(9): e74153.
  • Gaskill, B. N., Karas, A. Z., Garner, J. P., Pritchett-Corning, K. R. 2013. Nest building as an indicator of health and welfare. Journal of Visualized Experiments 82, e51012, doi:10.3791/51012.
  • Rock, M. L., Rodriguez, K., Karas, A. Z., Gallo, M. S., Pritchett-Corning, K. R., Karas, R. H., Aronovitz, M., Gaskill, B. N. 2014. The Time-to-integrate-to-Nest Test as an indicator of Wellbeing in laboratory mice. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 53, 24-28.
  • Pioli, E.Y., Gaskill, B.N., Gilmore, G., Tricklebank, M.D., Dix, S., Bannerman, D., and Garner, J.P. 2014. Validation of an automated T-maze. Comparison of the automated procedure with the standard rewarded alternation task in mice with hippocampal lesions. doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2013.12.009