Rose Raskin, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP

Professor Emerita

Department of Comparative Pathobiology

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine
625 Harrison Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907



1987 - PhD | Michigan State University
1976 - DVM | Purdue University
1971 - BA | Rutgers University


2006 - | Director of Continuing Education, PVM
2003 - | Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology, Dept. of Comparative Pathobiology, Purdue University
2003 - | Courtesy Professor, Dept. of Physiological Sciences, University of Florida
1993 - 2003 | Associate Professor, Clinical Pathology, Dept. of Physiological Sciences, University of Florida
1987 - 1993 | Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physiological Sciences, University of Florida
1985 - 1987 | Senior Clinical Pathology Resident/Instructor, Dept. of Pathology, Michigan State University
1982 - 1985 | Resident/Instructor (Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology), Dept. of Pathology, Michigan State University
1976 - 1982 | Small Animal Practitioner, Cameron Animal Hospital; Montclair, New Jersey

Selected Publications

– Silverstone AM, Garner, MM, Wojcieszyn, JW, Couto, CG, Raskin, RE: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in a Diamondback Terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery 17(3):92-99, 2007

– Raskin RE: Residency Training Programs in Veterinary Clinical Pathology: A Comparison of Experiences at Two Institutions. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education Fall 2007 Volume 34 (4):478-484.

– Greenberg CB, Boria PA, Borgatti-Jeffreys A, Raskin RE, Lucroy MD: Phase II clinical trial of combination chemotherapy with dexamethasone for lymphoma in dogs. J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 43:27-32, 2007.

– Raskin RE Tail mass in a dog. NAVC Clinician's Brief (Nov) 13-15; 2006

– Logan MR*, Raskin RE, Thompson S:

– Raskin RE Canine elbow mass. NAVC Clinician's Brief (Feb) 65-67; 2006

– Phillips K*, Arai M, Tanabe T, Raskin R, Volz M, Uhl EW, Yamamoto JK: FIV-infected cats respond to short-term rHuG-CSF treatment which results in anti-G-CSF neutralizing antibody production that inactivates drug activity. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 108:357-

– Harr KE, Raskin RE, Heard DJ: Temporal effects of 3 commonly used anticoagulants on hematologic and biochemical variables in blood samples from macaws and Burmese pythons. Vet Clin Pathol 43:383-388, 2005.

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