Team Members

Meet the team behind the breakthroughs at the Center for Paralysis Research.



Center Staff

Graduate Students

Summer Students

  • Marissa Ramon, College of Veterinary Medicine

Undergraduate Students

  • Timothy Dong, College of Agriculture
  • Shaheer Faruqi, College of Engineering
  • Kayla Huter, College of Science
  • David Kim, College of Engineering
  • Lauren Pracht, College of Science

Recent Graduates

  • Bhavani Gopalakrishnan, PhD, Biomedical Engineering (2021)
  • Seth Herr, PhD, Purdue Life Sciences Program (2021)
  • Ana Kirby, Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering (2021)
  • Shruthi Suresh, PhD, Biomedical Engineering (2021)
  • Jonathan Tang, PhD, Biomedical Engineering (2021)
  • Marcela C. Haces, PhD, Biomedical Engineering (2019)
  • Nichole Vike, PhD, Purdue Life Sciences Program (2019)