Internal Medicine

Small Animal Hospital

The Purdue University Small Animal Hospital provides veterinary care to pets of Tippecanoe County residents as well as faculty, staff, and students of the Purdue University Small Animal Hospital.

The Small Animal Internal Medicine service is comprised of our senior clinicians, who are board-certified specialists in Internal Medicine, Small Animal Internal Medicine residents in training and veterinary nurses who specialize in the care for Internal Medicine patients.

How can I make an appointment?

For Clients:

You may schedule an appointment for your pet by calling our reception staff at 765-494-1107.

For RDVMs:

If you have a case for the Internal Medicine Service, please contact us during business hours through the referral help desk at 765-496-1000.

What diseases do you treat?

We have state-of-the art equipment to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet and are well equipped to allow for minimally invasive interventions to diagnose and treat many conditions in different organ systems:

Do I need a referral?

No, not necessarily. However, the more information we have about your pet prior to your appointment the better. If you have not already discussed referral with your local veterinarian, please be prepared to provide your veterinarian’s contact information when you call. Our staff will call your veterinarian to get detailed information and previous test results to help us better serve you and your pet.

Who will be seeing my pet?

We embrace our role as a teaching institution and are proud to be one of the few Universities combining a veterinary nursing and a DVM program under one roof.

The 4th year DVM student assigned to your pet will usually be the first point of contact and your direct liaison to your clinician. The attending clinician will either be an intern, a resident or a senior clinician. Each case is discussed in great detail during daily rounds, and all patient care is supervised by board certified internal medicine specialists.  Your pet is evaluated by an entire team of specialists and specialists in training.

How long will my appointment take?

An internal medicine work-up often requires multiple diagnostic tests and it may warrant that your pet stays overnight. Your attending clinician will discuss further details with you at the time of your appointment. Initial consultations may take between 1 and 2 hours; we want to give you and your pet as much time and individualized attention as needed.  Once an initial plan is made, your pet will stay with us for diagnostic testing.  This testing may take all day, and it often requires an overnight stay so that we may complete appropriate testing in a logical order, with the least stress to your pet. Depending on the diagnosis and treatment needed, we may recommend a longer hospital stay for your pet.

My pet is not eating. Is that a problem?

Patients with medical conditions may require a longer hospital stay and may have a decreased or absent appetite. We are able to provide assisted feeding or even intravenous nutrition (parenteral nutrition) for animals, who require this. Your attending clinician will discuss with you if assisted feeding or parenteral nutrition should be considered in you pet.

Do you offer blood transfusions?

Yes. The Small Animal Medicine Service is in charge of our Blood Donor program for cats and dogs.

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