The Veterinary Student Resource Center (VSRC) is a student-led tutoring group that helps 1st and 2nd year veterinary students.

We host group reviews and send out self-study test reviews.

Please visit our VSRC link on blackboard for more information.

I have always had very positive experiences with the VSRC and our tutoring program! For me, the most stressful part of first year was the A&I oral exam. I was so grateful for the mock oral that the tutors put together - they helped me understand the oral exam format and also provided general pieces of advice that eased my mind and made me more confident going into the actual oral.

Hannah Wedig

Class of 2024

Services Provided

  • Group tutoring
  • Test reviews
  • One-on-one tutoring, on request
  • Updated, centralized test file
  • Study guides

Co-Managers: Caitlyn Gunther and Emily Zollars


1st Year

  • SA Anatomy: Anna Meinzen
  • LA Anatomy: Josaphine Roberts
  • Physiology: Lisa Hoard and Kaitlyn Steele
  • Histology: Maggie Orm
  • A&I/Neurology: Duck Harris
  • Foundations/Immunology: Maija Woodruff

2nd Year

  • Pathology: Shelby Boschma and Madeleine Nunn
  • Parasitology/Virology: McKenzie Pirtle
  • Hematology/Clinical Chemistry: Cameron Vaughn
  • Pharmacology: Madeline Milburn
  • Epidemiology: Eve Neumann

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathy Salisbury, Departments of Veterinary Administration and Veterinary Clinical Sciences