children looking at a model

Grade School

Do you have an animal friend? Has it been sick or injured? Did you take it to the doctor?

An animal doctor is called a veterinarian. An animal nurse is called a veterinary nurse. They are trained to help our animal friends get well. They need special training, especially since animals cannot tell them where it hurts, like you or me.

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses help all kinds of animals. Some doctors and nurses work only with special kinds of animals.

Do you think that you would like to become a veterinarian or a veterinary nurse? It is not too early to think about it. Let’s look at some things to consider:

  • Do you care about animals?
  • Do you like most people that you meet?
  • Do you work hard in school?
  • Do you do well in science?
  • Do you do well in math?
  • Do you do well in English?
  • Do you want to go to College?

All of these questions are important if you would like to be a veterinarian or a veterinary nurse. Would you like to know more? Come and visit us during our annual Open House which takes place on a Saturday in April.

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