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We offer an array of cardiology services for equines, including a cardiology extension service for veterinarians in the Indianapolis area.

Cardiology Services

Horses & Equine Athletes, just like their humans, suffer from heart disease which can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. While it's possible for a horse to live for many years without showing symptoms, heart disease will progress over time and affect other organs as well.  A pet that has an individual treatment plan focused on heart health stands to have a longer and more comfortable life than one without.

We offer an array of cardiology services, including a cardiology extension service for veterinarians in the Indianapolis area. Our goal with the cardiology extension service is to provide veterinarians with a comprehensive, individualized written assessment on-site, including diagnosis and findings, recommendations for additional testing that should be done, and any treatments and medications that are recommended for their case.

In case of after-hours emergencies, please call the closest veterinary emergency center or call us at   765-494-8548.  

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  • Diagnosis and therapeutic recommendations for cardiovascular disease
    • Electrocardiography
    • Thoracic radiography
    • Blood pressure measurement
    • Echocardiography
  • Advanced diagnostics
    • Angiography
    • Computed tomography angiography
    • Nuclear imaging
  • Rhythm management
    • Electrocardiography
    • Holter monitoring
    • Pacemaker monitoring
    • Loop recorder implantation
  • Advanced management of cardiovascular diseases
    • Cardiac Intensive Care for emergent congestive heart failure
    • Pacemaker implantation
    • Correction of congenital cardiovascular diseases
      • Patent ductus arteriosus
      • Pulmonic stenosis
      • Peripheral vascular disease
      • Portosystemic shunt
      • Arteriovenous malformation

Make a Gift to Cardiology Services

Your gift to the Cardiology Gift Fund makes a difference in the work we do. Your gift will help us to:

  • support wherever the need is greatest; and
  • allow us to obtain state-of-the-art equipment, as well as to maintain and upgrade the equipment that is necessary for advanced diagnosis and therapeutic treatment and procedures. 

The cardiology service at the Purdue University Veterinary Hospital is the only facility within a 6-state area that can provide this type of care of treatment.

By making your gift today, you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a problem that is personally meaningful to you. Great veterinary health care depends upon the generous hearts of people like you! For more information, please call the Office of Advancement at 765-494-5032.

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Cardiology Extension Services

Veterinarians in the Indianapolis metro region who are interested in the PVM Cardiology Extension Service should contact the Help Desk at 765-496-1000 for more information and to set up an appointment.

PVM Cardiology Extension Service Provides Specialty Resource to Indianapolis Area Veterinary Clinics