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Our veterinary dermatologists are compassionate and experienced when treating common conditions such as allergies, external parasites, autoimmune and immune-mediated skin diseases, infectious skin diseases, and disorders of keratinization.

Allergy Testing

Intradermal Allergy Test

Intradermal allergy test (IDT), also known as allergy skin testing, is the "gold standard" test performed to determine what environmental allergens trigger an allergic reaction in our allergic patients.

Serum Allergy Test

Serum allergy test is a blood test performed along with the IDT to obtain a more extended and comprehensive profile of potential offending allergens.

The goal of performing the IDT and Serum Allergy Test is to create a mixture of allergens to be given as injections or sublingual in an attempt to reduce the patient's allergic response

Video-Otoscopic Exam

With the video-otoscope, a very small camera is inserted into the ear. The ear canal appears as a clear real-time image on a video monitor. The clinician can view the ears in much greater detail due to its excellent degree of magnification. The extent of the disease including degrees of inflammation and thickening, nature of debris, presence of masses or tumors, and the nature and integrity of the tympanum (ear drum) can be evaluated. The video-otoscopic exam is also used to remove foreign bodies, to perform biopsies, or to flush and culture the middle ear.

Deep Ear Flushing

A deep ear flush is used to remove wax, debris, and biofilms formed in cases of bacterial ear infections. Often, the tympanum (ear drum) cannot be evaluated until a deep ear flush to remove wax and debris has been performed. A video-otoscopic examination performed along with a deep ear flush offers unparalleled accuracy and precision on the diagnosis and treatment of the ear.

Advanced Imaging 

Advanced imaging, such as Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), may also be recommended for the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of ear problems. Advanced imaging is the most accurate way to evaluate the inside of the middle ear for problems such as middle ear fluids (which may be associated with infection and/or inflammation) or tumors.

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