Take a Small Step Right Now Toward Improving Your Pet’s Health and Quality of Life

Contact Purdue’s Small Animal Primary Care

Call us at 765-494-1107

You may use this same number — 765-494-1107 — at any time, day or night, to contact the Small Animal Hospital’s emergency and specialty services.

You’ll find Small Animal Primary Care offices on the east side of Lynn Hall at:

625 Harrison St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907 

Send us email messages to wellpets@purdue.edu

Use this email address to introduce yourself and your pet, ask us a question.  Please send us copies of your pet’s medical records 48 hours or more in advance of your appointment.

Please note: We answer email messages as time permits between appointments, and there may be as much as a one week delay in responding to your message.  If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, call 765-494-1107.