Primary Care Services for Every Pet at Every Life Stage

Offering Practical Solutions to Even the Toughest Health Challenges Your Pet May Face

Purdue University’s Small Animal Primary Care practice offers a full line of veterinary services intended to keep all our patients — dogs, cats and exotic pets — in their best possible condition at every age and life stage.

Care for Exotic Pets

If your small-animal companion is of the exotic kind, you’ll greatly appreciate the breadth and depth of species-specific expertise and capable, compassionate medical care available to you and your pet through Purdue’s Small Animal Primary Care practice.

Preventive Care

Many potentially serious health problems can be headed off altogether with vaccines and preventive drugs. With regularly-scheduled wellness examinations, other illnesses can be prevented or detected early, when treatments often have the best chances of being most effective.

Annual Wellness Exams

Small Animal Primary Care recommends regularly-scheduled wellness exams for all pets. Annual Wellness Exams are most commonly recommended for young adult pets, starting at one.

Wellness Packages for Puppies and Kittens

Our veterinarians have put together two pre-paid service packages designed to provide puppies and kittens the foundational preventive care essential to their health and wellbeing throughout life.

Senior Pet Wellness Exams

As pets age, their chances of developing health problems increase. Our veterinarians recommend more frequent wellness exams for older pets, with screening tests to detect health problems common to senior pets early, when treatment options are most likely to be effective.


We can protect your pet as well as you and your family from a number of serious illnesses through the use of vaccines. We recommend the types and timing of vaccinations based on your pet’s species, age and individual risk profile.

Heartworm and Other Internal Parasite Prevention

We recommend regular testing and year-round protection of our patients from heartworms and other types of internal parasites — some of which can be deadly for your pet and infest you and your family.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Besides causing discomfort for your pet, fleas can infest your home and pass along internal parasites to your pet, you and your family. Ticks carry a number of diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. We strongly recommend ongoing preventives to control disease-carrying fleas and ticks.


Your pet’s dental health has a direct impact on overall systemic health, comfort and quality of life. Small Animal Primary Care’s dentistry services include dental exams, dental health care packages and oral surgery.

Care for Sick and Injured Pets

Any time your pet gets sick or hurt, Small Animal Primary Care is here for you, ready to diagnose and treat a range of health conditions and injuries common to small animal companions. Our primary care services are fully supported and augmented as needed by specialists in the Small Animal Hospital and our Emergency Department, available 24/7/365.


Small Animal Primary Care offers a limited range of minor outpatient surgical procedures. In addition to traditional approaches to surgery, the clinicians use veterinary surgical laser or electrocautery equipment. For more complex surgeries, we refer our clients to the Small Animal Hospital’s specialists in soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.

Behavior Consultations

We can help you understand and resolve a range of behavior issues that, if left unaddressed, could diminish your relationship with your pet. This includes ready access to our Animal Behavior Service for general training support as well as specific behavior modification plans with our board certified veterinary behaviorist.

Nutrition Counseling

The best nutrition for your pet depends on many variables. Our nutrition counseling services will guide you toward choosing the right quality and quantity of food for your pet based on age, activity levels and health conditions.

Other Services

  • Nursing appointments
  • Therapeutic laser
  • Microchip implants
  • International Health Certificates
  • Health screenings and certifications

Hospital Services Available Through Primary Care

  • Laboratory
  • Diagnostic imaging, including x-rays and ultrasound
  • Pharmacy
  • Intensive care
  • Client counseling and support
  • Specialty consultations and care
  • Emergency services