If Your Pet Gets Sick or Hurt, We’re Here for You 24/7/365

Beyond Primary Care’s Office Hours, Rest Assured Our Hospital is Open Nights, Weekends and Holidays to Care for Our Patients

Small Animal Primary Care is here for you and your pet should any sickness or injury occur.  If your pet needs treatment outside our normal office hours,  you can call the same main telephone number — 765-494-1107 — to contact the Purdue University Veterinary Hospital’s Small Animal Emergency Services and receive help right here on the hospital campus, right away.

Once your pet’s condition is stabilized, our primary care team can do any further diagnostic testing required and develop treatment plan options for your consideration. If needed, we will refer you to a specialist at Purdue’s Small Animal Hospital.

With our emphasis on preventive care, our patients avoid many illnesses altogether and, through early detection and treatment, may experience somewhat less severe consequences of any illnesses that do develop.

With our depth and breadth of expertise in primary care for dogs, cats and exotic pets, backed by the full specialty and emergency care resources of Purdue University’s Small Animal Hospital, Small Animal Primary Care is prepared to address any illness or injury that may befall your pet.  If your pet ever gets sick or hurt, you’ll be glad you’re here.