If You Have Questions About What to Feed Your Pet, We Have the Right Answers

Look to Our Primary Care Team for the Sound, Sensible Nutrition Advice You Need at Your Pet’s Every Age and Stage of Life

What — and how much — you feed your pet throughout its lifetime has a direct impact on overall health and disease prevention and management. With more choices of commercial food and more marketing in the media of specific formulas, diets and supplements than ever before, choosing the right nutrition for your pet can be challenging and confusing.

  • Which commercial food is best — dry kibbles, canned or a combination of both?
  • Are grocery store brands OK? Are “premium” pet store brands really better?
  • Are fresh foods worth the extra money?
  • Is a raw diet dangerous?
  • What about grain-free products?
  • How many times a day should you feed your pet?
  • Is it OK to feed table scraps and “human” food?
  • What about treats?
  • Is home-cooking worth the effort? If so, what should you cook?

Small Animal Primary Care will help you sort through all your nutrition questions and recommend the best choices for feeding your pet a truly healthful diet at every stage of life. We can prescribe specially-formulated diets to help treat and manage health problems such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and kidney disease. We can also calculate the number of calories your pet requires, based on its age, size and activity levels, and recommend how much to feed each day.

Because nutrition needs change throughout your pet’s lifetime, we ask about what you’re feeding your pet at every wellness exam and most “sick visits” and let you know if any changes in your pet’s diet will be beneficial.