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The anesthesiology section offers research opportunities in injectable anesthesia, shelter animal anesthesia, hemodynamic and pharmacokinetic evaluations and analgesics, the cardiorespiratory effects of inhalant anesthesia, and pain management in large, small and exotic animal species.  For more information on anesthesiology research, please contact Dr. Jeff Ko.

Animal Behavior

The animal behavior section offers research opportunities in detecting, measuring, treating and preventing psychological stress in companion animals.  For more information on animal behavior research, please contact Dr. Niwako Ogata.

Beef Production Medicine

The farm animal production medicine section offers research opportunities in beef and dairy medicine. This section provides expertise in metabolic disorders of dairy cows, dairy nutrition and theriogenology. This section's goal is to provide state-of-the-art advice for some of the most progressive beef producers in Indiana, while challenging Purdue University College of Veterinary students to provide these services upon graduation.  For more information on services offered, please contact Dr. Bethany Funnell, and Dr. Rafael Neves.

Comparative Cardiovascular Medicine and Interventional Cardiology

Comparative cardiovascular medicine research has included cardiovascular physiology studies in dogs, calves, cows, pigs, horses, and gray wolves. The VCS research laboratory is equipped to perform state-of-the-art in vivo cardiovascular studies, including myocardial energetics and systolic and diastolic performance (left ventricular pressure-volume relationship), high fidelity vascular pressure studies, aortic flow-velocity relationship (input impedance), cardiac output (thermodilution) using Swan-Ganz catheters, echocardiography and ultrasonographic determination of flow velocity within blood vessels, and conventional and signal-averaged electrocardiography. In vitro vascular ring and papillary muscle studies can also be performed. 

For more information on interventional cardiology research, plese contact Dr. Daniel Hogan or.

Comparative Oncology

Comparative oncology research includes work in invasive urinary bladder cancer (transitional cell carcinoma), lymphoma, and brain cancer. Werling Comparative Oncology Research Center (WCORC) scientists are actively involved in the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research,including the Bladder Cancer Focus Group, and the Oncological Sciences Center at Purdue.

The WCORC team also participates in the Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium (COTC).  The COTC is part of the Comparative Oncology Program at the National Institutes of Health.  The COTC consists of veterinary oncologists all across the country that work together to perform clinical trials in dogs and cats with cancer.  For more information on comparative oncology research, please contact Dr. Deborah Knapp or Dr. Michael Childress.

Dairy Production Medicine

For more information on dairy production medicine research, please contact

Diagnostic Imaging

For more information on diagnostic imaging research, please contact 


For more information on endocrinology research, please contact Dr. Catharine Scott-Moncrieff.

Equine Orthopedic Surgery

For more information on equine orthopedic surgery research, please contact Dr. Jan Hawkins, or Dr. Timothy Lescun.

Equine Medicine

For more information on equine medicine research, please contact Dr. Laurent Couëtil, Dr. Justin HaynaDr. Janice Kritchevsky, or Dr. Sandra Taylor.

Equine Soft Tissue and Reproductive Surgery

For more information on equine soft tissue and reproductive surgery research, please contact Dr. Jan Hawkins, or Dr. Timothy Lescun.

Equine Sports Medicine

The Donald J. McCrosky Equine Sports Medicine Center is dedicated to the education and support of horsemen and veterinarians through the study of the equine athlete. Graduate research and education uses both basic and applied science to study diseases and causes of decreased performance in equine athletes.  For more information on equine sports medicine research, please contact Dr. Laurent Couëtil.

FARM Animal Surgery

The emphasis at this time of the food animal group within the large animal surgery section includes urogenital surgery in all farm animal species.  There are also opportunities to investigate intestinal surgery and motility.  Recently, the section has been involved in collaborative work investigating farm animal conditions as models for human diseases.

Neurology and Neurosurgery

The neurology and neurosurgery group's research focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with brain disease, spinal cord disease, and disease of peripheral nerves and muscles.  The goal of these efforts is to develop treatments that will benefit veterinary patients, and also provide potential translation to human patients.

Dr. Stephanie Thomovsky is interested in research on seizure disorders and rehabilitation in the neurology patient. She is also the director of the physical rehabilitation services at Purdue and regularly performs physical therapy rehabilitation on animals with orthopedic and neurology abnormalities.

For more information on neurology and neurosurgery research, please contact Dr. Stephanie Thomovsky.


For more information on ophthalmology research, please contact Dr. Wendy Townsend.


The mission of the musculoskeletal research group is to improve the quality of care of animal and human orthopedic patients, by a combination of basic and translational research. The focus of the group is on equine fracture prevention and repair, arthritis, biocompatibility evaluation of traditional and biological orthopedic devices, muscle/tendon disease and repair, methods for preventing or treating orthopedic infections, peri-operative pain management, canine gait analysis and pediatric orthopedic conditions. Active research collaborations with researchers from within and outside Purdue University exist in these areas.  Learn more>>

For more information on orthopedics research, please contact Dr. Timothy Lescun,  Dr. Sarah Malek, or Dr. Mark Rochat.

Radiation Oncology

For more information on radiation oncology research, please contact Dr. Isabelle Vanhaezebrouck.


Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

For more information on small animal emergency and critical care medicine research, please contact Dr. Paula Johnson, Dr. Aimee Brooks, or Dr. Elizabeth Thomovsky.

Small Animal Medicine

For more information on small animal medicine research, please contact Dr. Larry Adams, Dr. Lynn GuptillDr. Nolie Parnell,  Dr. Sarah Steinbach or Dr. Andrew Woolcock.

Small Animal Soft Tissue and Surgery

The Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery service offers intermittent research opportunities in local drug delivery, wound healing, oncologic surgery, tissue engineering, and clinical studies.  Learn more>>

For more information on small animal soft tissue and surgery research, please contact Dr. Marije Risselada

Swine Production Medicine

For more information on swine production medicine research, please contact Dr. Darryl Ragland.

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