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The David and Bonnie Brunner Small Animal Hospital facility adds 65,000 square feet to our existing Small Animal Hospital and features the latest advancements in hospital design. Specialty services housed in the new facility include Internal Medicine; Dialysis and Interventional Urology; Soft Tissue, Orthopedic and Ophthalmic Surgery; Neurology and Neurosurgery; Physical Rehabilitation; the Intensive Care Unit; Diagnostic Imaging; and Emergency Services, which has its own entrance.


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The Small Animal Hospital is primarily a referral hospital where veterinarians throughout the Midwest and in some cases beyond, refer patients that make up 80 percent of the caseload. The patients are cared for by veterinary health care teams that include board certified specialists, veterinary nurses, residents, interns, and DVM and veterinary nursing students. These teams are equivalent to medical teams you would find in a human hospital where the working relationship between the veterinarian and the veterinary nurse is comparable to the relationship between the physician and the nurse.

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